Elizabeth Bender
Make-Up Artist & Make-Up Effects
Main: 407-694-2742   Alternate: 918-810-3560
IATSE Local 484

2016 "Starbright" Addl. Make-Up
2014 "Psychopath" Key SFX Artist
  "Mekko" Key SFX Artist
2013 Hartmann Studios BlackBerry Segway Tutorial Key Make-Up
  "Grandma" Pilot Key SFX Make-Up
  KOTV & Psycho Path "Wicked Weather"  
2012 "Home James" Key Make-Up
  Discover Oklahoma Halloween Episode #930 Key Make-Up
  KOTV & Psycho Path's "Zombie Attack" Key Make-Up
2011 "Home Run" Make-Up
  OK Trauma Education TREC Triage DVD Prosthetic Key
  Man vs. Food Nation Rt. 66: Tulsa Key Make-Up
2010 Ladies Home Journal and The Pioneer Woman Recipe Series Key Make-Up
  The Pioneer Woman (Cooking Demo) Key Make-Up
  The Whisper Home Make-Up
  Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA Sports) Make-Up
2009 EA Madden NFL Draft with Shannon Sharpe, Jason and Rob Thompson Key Make-Up
  Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA Sports) Make-Up
2008 Nancy Grace and CNN Guests Key Make-Up
  CBC Heart Gallery Key Make-Up
  Pet Showcase Orlando Key Make-Up
  Medicus Stack & Tilt Instructional Video Key Make-Up
  Disney Channel Games 2008 Make-Up Artist
  Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA Sports) Make-Up
2007 CNN with Susan Pagan Key Make-Up
  Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA Sports) Make-Up
  Fox Evening News- Newt Gingrich Key Make-Up
  CBS Morning Show and Universal Studios Make-Up
  "Dayside" CNBC Key Make-Up
  iVillage Live Make-Up
  Disney Channel Games 2007 Make-Up
  ESPN/NFL Draft Key Make-Up
  Colorado Anti-Smoking Council PSA Key Make-Up
2006 David Leadbetter SwingSetter Pro Video Key Make-Up
  National Lampoon's "RoboDoc" 2nd Addl. Make-Up
  NCAA Division 2 Sports Key Make-Up
  "Trail of Trees" Urban Forest Council Key Make-Up
  "Channel M" In-Store TV Key Make-Up
  "Twilight of Youth" Prosthetic Assistant
  "Share the Earth Day" PBS Key Make-Up
2004 "EB TV" EB Games and Channel M Key Make-Up
  "An Untitled- Volume 2" Key Make-Up
  "Untitled Project" Key Make-Up
2003 "Eric" Key Make-Up
  "The Infomercial" Key Make-Up
  "The Essence of Irwin" Key Make-Up
  "Between Heaven and Hell" Key Make-Up
2002 "Radiance" 2nd Make-Up
  Orlando Aviation Authority Make-Up
2000 "Rashamon" 2nd Make-Up

2014 Cancer Treatment Centers of America (Commercial)  
2014 Molotok Dietary Supplement (Commercial)  
  YWCA (Commercial)  
  Tulsa Welding School & Strata Tech (Commercial)  
  Cancer Treatment Centers of America (Industrial)  
2013 Cox Business Solutions w. Hideaway Pizza & JD Young (Commercial)  
2012 WWE "Tables, Ladders & Chairs" (Commercial)  
  John Olson for Congress (Commercial)  
2011 Abbot Laboratories, CCI & St. Francis Health (Industrial Commercial)  
  Pitney Bowes (Industrial Commercial)  
2010 Carolyn Salzmann Attorney at Law (Commercial)  
  Blackberry and Hartmann Studios (Industrial Commercial)  
  Gate Seven Creative Studios (HHNXX Pilot Commercial)  
  Florida A & M Law (Commercial & Infomercial)  
  David Leadbetter Shirt with William Tryton (Infomercial)  
2009 Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-Q (Commercial)  
  Party City "Halloween" (Commercial)  
  Disney Vacation Club (Commercial & Infomercial)  
  Blackberry and Hartman Studios (Industrial Commercial)  
2008 Omega XL and Affiliated Advertising (Infomercial)  
  Suzanne Kosmas for Congress (Commercial)  
  TNA Sports and Spike TV (Commercial)  
2007 EA Sports Virtual Playbook with Todd Harris (Commercial)  
  Arnold Law Firm, Sacramento, CA (Commercial)  
  Page, Trop and Ameen, Attorneys at Law, Miami, FL (Commercial & PSA)  
  Allstate Insurance (Industrial Commercial)  
  Camilo Villegas & Medicus PowerMax Club & Meter (Infomercial)  
2006 Mark Green and Zimmer Medical (Industrial Still)  
  David Leadbetter Gulf Better Tees & Phone (Info.)  
  DDTV and Whitney Foreclosure (Infomercial)  
  Lockheed Martin (Industrial Commercial)  
  Roof Design Centers and P13 (Commercial)  
  Tijuana Flats and P13 (Commercial)  
  Intellivision and Whitney Co. (Infomercial)  
  Intellivision and Cash Flow (Infomercial)  
  DRTV and Heart Smart (Infomercial)  
2004 Optionetics (Infomercial)  
2003 3rd Degree Films and Actra (Infomercial)  
2002 Tulsa Community College (Commercial)  

2017 Till Death Do Us INN Make-Up Department Director
2011-Current Psycho Path Haunted Attraction Make-Up Department Director
2003-Current Grinchmas (Universal Orlando) Prosthetic Artist
2014 Carnivale Masquerade Ball / Mental Health Association Key Airbrush Artist
2013 BlackBerry Live 2013 Key Make-Up Artist
2012 John Olson / Jim Bridenstein Debate Key Make-Up Artist
  BlackBerry World 2012 Key Make-Up Artist
2011 BlackBerry World 2011 Key Make-Up Artist
  Cirque Du May Airbrush Shoot Airbrush Artist
2010 BlackBerry WESS 2010 with Key Make-Up Artist
2007-2010 Halloween Horror Nights (Universal Orlando) Prosthetic Artist
2009 ClinCon 2009 Prosthetic Artist
2007 Real Rock 104.1, WMMO 98.9 FM & Universal Prosthetic Artist
  Orlando Predators and Real Radio 104.1 FM Make-Up Artist
  CoverGirl Cosmetics Spirit Event Make-Up Artist
2006 Raglan Road and Festival and Festival of the Arts Head Face Painter
  Sunglass Hut Runway Show Key Make-Up Artist
2005-2006 Halloween Horror Nights (Universal Orlando) Airbrush Make-Up Artist
2003-2004 Halloween Horror Nights (Universal Orlando) Make-Up Artist

2012-Current Regional Medical Response System Team Prosthetic Artist
  RMRS OKC Disaster Exercise Prosthetic Artist
  ADLS 2012 Bomb Threat Drill Prosthetic Artist
2011 ADLS & Oklahoma Institute for Disaster and Emergency Medicine Prosthetic Artist
  TEEN Community Emergency Response Drill Prosthetic Artist
  SERT Tornado Disaster Drill Prosthetic Artist
2010 TEEN Community Emergency Response Drill Prosthetic Artist
2009 ClinCon 2009 Prosthetic Artist
  Fort Sam Houston Mass Casualty Drill Prosthetic Artist
  The Villages Regional Hospital Casualty Drill Prosthetic Artist
2008 Fort Indiantown Gap National Guard Drill Prosthetic Artist
2002 Orlando Aviation Authority Disaster Drill Make-Up Artist

2016 Jodi “Lovin You” Make-Up Artist
2006 PBS KIDS Share the Earth Day “Washing Machine” Key Make-Up Artist
  PBS KIDS Share the Earth Day “This Is Our Earth” Key Make-Up Artist
2004 Cross "Gutta 2 Butta" Key Make-Up Artist
  Aerosmith "Baby Please Don't Go" Key Make-Up Artist

2007 "Marisol" (The University of Tulsa) Make-Up Designer
2006 "The Arrival" (Universal Orlando) Prosthetic Artist
2005-Present "Beetlejuice's Graveyard Revue" (Universal Orlando) Make-Up Artist
2005-Present "Olive Oyl" (Universal Orlando)  Prosthetic Artist
2002 "Magic Flute" Make-Up Artist
  "Halloween Spooktacular" Make-Up Artist
  "Bigger Isn't Better" (University of Tulsa) Make-Up Artist

2014 Oklahoma Magazine's People of Style with Todd Pyland - Beauty
  Larry Burry Photography - Beauty and Glamour
2011 Amatucci Photography
2010 Goodhue Photography
  Carrie R Richardson Photography
2007 Paradise Studios (Beauty and Glamour)
2005 A Lost Cookie Productions (Glamour and Body Definition)
  Brian Castro Photography (Beauty and Body Definition)
2004 SV Seal Photography (Beauty and Glamour)
  All Eyes Photography (Beauty and Glamour)
2001 Amy Frost Photography (Beauty and Glamour)
  Keri Baze Photography (Beauty, Glamour and Fantasy)

2014 Pre-Production SFX Lab Technician for "Mekko"
  ● Body casting
  ● Sculpting and moulding of silicone slit throat prosthetic
  ● Silicone upper body creation & coloration
2013 Pre-Production Concept Design for "The Hunted"
  ● Conceptual design
  ● Sculpting and moulding of silicone upper body
2010-Current Department Head Special Effects Lab Technician (The Psycho Path SFX Laboratory)
  ● Lab work including casting, sculpting, moulding, silicone prosthetic creation and restoration
  ● Lead Make-Up Designer for the Psycho Path Haunted Attraction
  ● Maintain and order supplies and lab equipment
  ● Manage and train SFX Artists during the Haunt and Fabrication Season
2011 Special Effects Lab Technician (Ill Willed Productions)
  ● Creation and coloration of platinum silicone "Barrel Toppers"
  ● Assisted in the creation of life-sized latex pigs
  ● Restoration of silicone props
2007- Special Effects Lab Technician (The Virtual Reality Medical Center)
2010 ● Lab work including casting, sculpting, moulding, and silicone prosthetic creation and application
  ● Team Leader for the NG CIS Dynamic Bleeding Wounds and Needle Decompression Kits
  ● Featured Special Effects Artist For the VRMC Simple Kit Instructional Video
  ● Extensive work with Platinum Cure silicones, resins and plastics
  ● Research and development of severe wound management
2009 Special Effects Lab Technician (Universal Studios Florida)
  ● Silicone prosthetic creation
  ● Silicone prosthetic restoration
  ● Latex mask creation

2013 Airbrush Workshop (Psycho Path Laboratory)
  ● Airbrush assembly and cleaning procedure
  ● Airbrush application including highlight and shadow
  ● Airbrush SFX techniques
  ● Airbrush stencil techniques
2012 Silicone and SFX Workshop (RMRS)
  ● Silicone application and coloration
  ● Highlight and shadow for the stage
  ● Injury simulation techniques
  ● Sanitation techniques
2007 Bald Cap and Silicone Workshop (University of Tulsa)
  ● Bald cap application and coloration
  ● Silicone appliance creation and coloration
  ● Airbrush painting techniques
  ● Tattoo replication and stencil making
2002- Class Workshops (Catoosa High School & University of Tulsa)
2001 ● Instructed intermediate workshops with emphasis on Stage Make-Up

2003 Adjunct Faculty Member (University of Tulsa)
  ● Instructed advanced six-week Stage Make-Up program

  University of Tulsa- Bachelor of Arts & Sciences: Stage Make-Up and Lighting Design Certification
  Joe Blasco School of Make-Up: Professional Certificate in Master Make-Up Artistry


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